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Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Caribpublishing aims at creating a context for publications on Latin American and Caribbean studies and thus realizing a identifiable brand in book-publishing.Titles in this series has to be involved with studies on political, demographic, economic, linguistics, historical, geographic and sociological issues.
Books are preferably published in English and/or Spanish, both in print as in digital form.
LACS-Editors work with authors at various stages in the publishing process and are the main contact for the author whilst their book is published with LACS.
Once a manuscript has been delivered, we will work closely with you as the author and the production department to ensure that copy-editing, design, typesetting, and proof-reading move ahead swiftly and that high standards are maintained.

The marketing manager will be in touch prior to publication, detailing the broad marketing plan for the work, with information about catalogues and mailings, conferences and review lists, and inviting comments and suggestions.

The Productionpeople are responsible for the physical appearance and manufacturing of the books. We use professional copy-editors and proof-readers and have specialist cover and text designers in-house.

Worldwide sales, marketing, and distribution
LACS uses its international structure to promote and sell its books to as wide a readership as possible. We have partnerships with distributors and resellers and expanding the network further whenever an opportunity is there.
Caribbean & Latin American libraries
(online) Bookstores [Caribbean, South Americas, US, Europe]
E-mail-lists / E-mailings
Editorial coordination & Production
Projectcoordination from the Caribpublishing-office in Curacao; Editorial & production through swppublishing in Amsterdam.
Acquisition & partners
-          Universities
-          Governments
-          Financial institutions
Funding & business model
Per title funding is needed to cover initial costs.
If a title is accepted and initial costs are covered, Caribpublishing will take the costs for (re)distributing, marketing, warehousing, sales, backoffice.