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About LACS

Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Caribpublishing aims at creating a context for publications on Latin American and Caribbean
studies and thus realizing a identifiable brand in book-publishing: The LACS Series.
Titles in this series has to be involved with studies on political, demographic, economic, historical, geographic and sociological issues. Books are published in English and/or Spanish, both in print as in digital form.
Caribpublishing is a brand of SWP Publishing.
The publishing function focuses on the manufacture and sale of
  • Scientific publications (books and journals)
  • Jubilee Books, Liber Amoricum
  • Historical works
  • Children's books and children's magazines
  • Non-fiction
  • Literary works

The distribution and resale features focuses on

  • The educational market (primary and secondary schools, college and university) which aims at an integral role of supplying books, methods, stationary and consumables.
  •  Book stores, retailers for books, maps and magazines.

Publications in English and Spanish, selected for the LACS Serie, are presented through this website.

An overview of all products, published by Caribpublishing are presented through this website.

All books can be bought in a printed and a digital version. Payments print-products are handled by Paypal. Digital p[roducts can be bought in the Itunes/Apple-store, Kobo, Indigo 
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Email:    Office@caribpublishing.com